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Judaism is a distinct religion that is practiced throughout many countries, but the majority of the Jews reside in the United States and Israel. This specific religion is usually a common topic in many history classes due to the extensive historical events that happen during the rise of Judaism. There are times that certain religions, such as Judaism, can cause some vehement discussions in classes depending on the person and their beliefs. Even though it is common for people to know the historical events of Judaism, there are other important central themes that are involved with this religion.
History of a particular religion is always of interest to many as it is important to know how it all started. Judaism was developed thousands of year ago and was said to have originated in the eastern region of Canaan, which in today’s time would be considered part of Israel. The significant conception to know about the history is that it goes back to the time of the prophets, who are known Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. Abraham is a prominent prophet as he was the one that started sharing his belief of there only being one God. This is how Judaism started as a monotheistic religion, which it is actually said that Judaism is the first monotheistic religion. Isaac was Abraham’s only son who was to be sacrificed by the commands of God but was later saved, as it was a test of Abraham’s faith and trust in God. These prophets were also known as the children of Israel, or in other words were deemed God’s people.
Eventually the Hebrews, which are the ancestors of the Jewish, became enslaved in Egypt; however, the Egyptians were affected by plagues and the Hebrews were able to escape. During this time is when Moses was given a set of...

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...ir freedom. “With its rhetoric of rejoicing for freedom, it plays out in a minor key the song of liberation: today “slaves,” next year, “free”; today here, next year in “Jerusalem” (that is, not the real Jerusalem but the imagined, heavenly one)” . This holiday is widely practiced today among the Jews.
Judaism is a compelling religion that consists of memorable historical events that shows just how strong this particular religion actually is to overcome so many of those obstacles. According to Jacob Neusner, “Israel’s’ history begins with creation – and creation is for God’s glory” . This religion views life as a gift and that it should be valued because everyone is a creation of God. Judaism is very diverse in that it has people practicing this religion all over the world, even if there are many different forms of the religion that exist in today’s society.

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