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America’s Journey to Freedom During the years leading up to the American Revolution there was a great amount of tension throughout the colonies. Taxes and Acts were passed through the colonies constantly by the British Government, making life hard for everyday people to make ends meet. King George III of England was a very controlling man of the people in England and across the sea in America. His greed for power and money was obvious in the lands he controlled. British Acts and actions against the colonists including the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, and the Boston Massacre inspired a need for freedom in a corrupt government. Although these are just a few British actions against the colonists they are ones that set many over the edge in hopes of freedom. In the hopes of a country of accountability and honesty, the colonists slowly worked toward making America a free land. The most common way of opposing British law was to boycott or resist from buying British goods. Although it was a …show more content…

The Townshend Acts put a tax on all British imports. In 1768 when the Townshend Act was passed, imports cost about 2.2 million pounds of sterling. The act was later repealed in 1770 but a tax was still kept on tea (Document 2). Colonists were upset about the acts and people began protesting against the British. In March 1770, a crowd of drunk men outside of a tavern gathered around a group of British Soldiers. The men began cursing and throwing things at the soldiers in protest against the Townshend and Quartering Acts. Confusion and fright struck the soldiers resulting in the British firing into the crowd of angry colonists. Five of the colonists were killed and ten were injured due to the shots fired by the British. News of the event spread quickly throughout the colonies and the tragic night became known as the Boston

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  • Explains how the british government made life hard for ordinary people in the years leading up to the american revolution. the stamp act, townshend acts, and the boston massacre inspired a need for freedom.
  • Explains that the stamp act was passed by the british government in may 1765 to help king george iii repay war debt from the french and indian war.
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