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Physicist Carl Sagan once said, "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Like, Sagan I was left in wonderment when discovering that mathematics has an omnipotent presence in the universe. Today it is practically inseparable from every form of science; Calculus and Statistics allow for research in revolutionary concepts and technologies in sciences ranging from Microbiology to Astrophysics. When I was first introduced to both fields and their applications, I became determined to leave a profound impact on the world around me. In order to create a significant tool or product, or make a scientific discovery, I knew that a strong educational foundation was crucial. As a result I made sure I stayed focused in my math and science classes and have achieved tremendously in both topics. Since elementary school, I have excelled in almost every mathematics class that I have taken. In elementary school and middle school, I often felt unchallenged and stultified by the progression of my class and the curriculum we were following. In my apathy for my courses I went on the Internet to discover more advanced mathematical concepts. By the time I was in the 9th grade, I had already mastered most of the trigonometry and math analysis concepts I would study in 10th grade. Nonetheless I took every class seriously to learn about new applications of math. My first day at Westchester high school was chaotic and I was extremely frustrated with the administration's position on schedule changes. To my dismay, I would not be able to change my class schedule until the middle of the fall semester. As a result I entered an Algebra 2 class in the twelfth week of school and had to make up months of homework. However, despite all these complica... ... middle of paper ... ...earn about the work of great scientists including Sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, and my favorite, James Clerk Maxwell. I also was grateful to have learned about waves and energy, my favorite physics concepts and the cornerstone behind modern physics, with unique tie-ins to mathematics. Knowing my time with this course would be basically transient; I relished every moment and hope to further study this topic in college and graduate school. In my experience, mathematics and science have been two awe-inspiring subjects that have a countless modern applications. Even in introductory forms in high school, the two have been inspiring and have motivated me to pursue career in engineering. I have developed an enormous amount of new critical thinking skills from the courses I have taken and hope to further reinforce these skills, as well as new ones, in higher education.
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