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Of all the classes I have ever taken, whether in elementary school, middle school, or high school, there will be two courses that I will never forget. Everyone has their struggles across a very wide range of subjects or specific curricula; mine occurred in Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 and AP Calculus BC. In just about every subject, math, English, history, science, I had almost no problems with the course work and proved to be strong in them all. These two classes however had me desperate and discombobulated. To anyone reading my transcripts it may come to quite a surprise that these were the classes I struggled with in particular. My difficulties in Spanish may be a little a bit unusual because as a child, it was my first language. However my troubles as a Spanish speaker stem from 3 very distinct causes. The first was the native speaker class was far more formal and advanced than the colloquial language I was raised with. Worst of all, reading comprehension involved difficult Spanish literature and all assignments were required to be written in Spanish. Second, we were one of three classes (the other two being AP Spanish and Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2) taught by one teacher during the same period, thus making our class practically independent study because AP Spanish was the priority. The final and most important cause was that I was in a class that I was not prepared for; I was placed in the class because the non-native speaker class was full; I had not spoken Spanish regularly since I was in pre-kindergarten. When I entered kindergarten, my mom began to speak to me in English, helping create smooth transition into English speaking classes. Her reasoning and decision turned out for the best, allowing me to concentrate ... ... middle of paper ... ...earning a C. Even better, I scored a 5 on both the BC portion and the AB portion of the actual College Board exam. In the grand scheme of things, my grades were and are important to me. In today's competitive academic society, there are is room for blemishes on a transcript. However my transcript was nowhere near as important as developing skills to recover from tough starts and be able to improve upon my problem areas. Although I have not had any more serious problems with courses at school, there is no doubt in my mind that Calculus and Native Spanish are two courses that have shown me that I am by no means, the perfect student. I have much to refine in both time management, work ethic, and study skills but, those classes taught me a lesson in learning the value of perseverance, determined hard work, and how to develop and stick to strategies for academic success.

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