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An experience, and the ones I have heard from peers, with Westchester High School’s administration can cause headaches. I am aware that not every decision is in the best interest of just one student and there are a few exceptional counselors on campus; however some of the errors made by administration are inexcusable. My peers and I in our four years of high school have been victims of these employees’ disorganized and lethargic conduct.

One example of my school’s imperceptive faults is scheduling, which in turn affects the way colleges evaluate our student body. In my final year of high school, looking to impress universities by excelling in a rigorous class schedule, administration decided to program two senior Advanced Placement courses within the same period. This affected my classmates and myself because the competitiveness of our schedules was lowered. Top-tier educational institutions seek students who constantly challenge themselves and the opportunities that administration presented my senior class with to do so are outrageous. Another major fallacy by counselors was the n...

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