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The impecunious inner cities of Los Angeles have not changed much in the last fifteen years. On the bus rides home from school I often see people miserable with the lack of opportunity around them. All the chances that these people never took, or never worked hard to seize, haunts them. Every single day that I go to school I think to myself, “Take advantage of all of your resources, give back to your community, and when you're successful never forget where you came from.” Ever since kindergarten I knew that my ticket to prosperity was education. I also know that I can serve as an a role model to children in impoverished communities by showing them that academic success is possible. Today my goals have not shifted or become unfocused. With one more semester remaining in my high school career, I am determined to graduate, pass my AP exams, and attend a top tier university in the fall. The last twenty weeks of high school seems endless; it feels agonizing almost, waiting for college acceptance letters. Despite all the stress, I know that maintaining high academic standards and work et...

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