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In the summer of 2013, I stayed at a residential academy located at Chapman University for Community Outreach and Opportunities Program (CO-OP) Upward Bound. I completed a full high school physics class in 6 weeks, took part in a conceptual art elective, and relished all the nuances of the college experience. I lived in the dorms, ate meals from the university cafeteria, and enjoyed several other student services such as the pool and computer lab. Along with the astounding resources at Chapman, my classmates and I were given a demanding physics curriculum. Like a college course, our instructor’s primary teaching method was lecturing and his grading system only accounted for exams and quizzes. The class covered daunting topics such as Thermodynamics, Waves and Energy, and projectile motion (and more) in just a few hours each day. Worse, my classmates were not well versed in math or science and the tutor they were assigned to was not equipped to assist them with the rigorous material we were learning. After watching my peers struggle to understand concepts and find quality aid, I bec...

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