Journalism backs the Entertainment and Advertising Moment

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As part of pop culture’s largest entertainment and advertising movement, magazine journalism and publishing is a profession based on research, writing and reproof that I feel led to pursue because of the desires and talents that god has blessed me with.

Journalism is the action of providing citizens with the information they need to stay independent, free, and self-governing. This main focus has remained constant throughout journalism’s long history. Although journalism has been stretched to a new level, as anyone with basic writing skills and technology may call themselves journalist, the definition remains the same that it is the sending out of new information to the people that they might read and make a synopsis for themselves (Kovach 12).

Journalism has two key concepts it must up hold above all else without these two, journalism becomes propaganda. The first and primary obligation is to truth. This is mandate and confusing, as there are questions as to what the real meaning of truth is. When a survey was taken, the Pew Research Center for the People and Press asked journalist what they consider as “truth” and received the answer “getting the facts right.” This means being aware of over-exaggeration and embellishment, which were both ironically made to create a sense of realism in writing, but are now abused and frequently employed in main stream journalism (Kovach 36-41). Its next loyalty is to its readers. Despite many influential tugs for a journalist such as supporters, advertisers, and editors, biases based on advancement or money are just not ethical. News, reviews, and advice should be given by a truthful pen that is free of ties and other’s opinions (Kovach 52).

Journalism mainly branches into two major industries...

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...s are looking for someone who has dealt with time crunches and deadlines (Hennessey 288-289).

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