Journalism Censorship in Venezuela

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“Journalism is not a crime,” (Echeverria 1) several journalists are protesting against government censorship of the media; journalists see that they are having lack of freedom when they write. Journalists can no longer write with liberty, the government restricts them. In many cases, governments punish journalists when they write against them. For example, nowadays Venezuela is in a critical situation due to the poor management of the government. Several journalists have been arrested for trying to communicate to the world about what is going on in Venezuela. The government made the decision to not give them paper so they are not able to write. At the same time, the government is not just affecting journalists; the situation has also forced the closure of various media outlets. Several journalists have claimed by the scarcity of paper, but there has not been any solution for this problem.

On the other hand, journalists from other countries have tried to communicate the situation that Venezuela is experiencing but they have been arrested by the Venezuelan government. “Government must ensure a safe working environment for reporters and editors, who have faced arbitrary arrest and physical attacks by security forces following the outbreak of public demonstrations” (Garnica 1). Not only are the journalists of Venezuela protesting against the lack of freedom of expression. There are also the journalists around the world who are trying to help Venezuela. The Venezuelan government is not only removing the lack of freedom to write, but also physically assaulting those journalists who are writing against the government. The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro made this decision after seeing that most of the journalists opposed him. Sev...

... middle of paper ... the truth by removing the paper for newspapers and also by threatening Venezuelan and international journalists.

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