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225 words

The patient arrived to group on time. The patient was dressed nearly and according to the season. The patient was calm, cooperative and alert. The patient introduced herself and was able to check in as an "8." The patient reported being abstinent from all, mood altering substances for over thirty days. “I had a bad week, and I am frustrated because I had an issue with a teacher who is a raciest. My children are bi-racial and I have problems with people who have race issues. I plan to report her to the dean of the college soon as a get the chance.” Patient was asked if she could change anything on right now what would it be and the patient disclosed “I would be a college graduate and have my master’s degree because it is rough out here.” Patient was given information together with worksheets to aid with goals to change their lifestyles. Patient presented a plan to help improve her livelihood. Patient was educated about how to maintain these changes over time. Patient disclosed that group was very good today. The patient presented a plan to challenge unhealthy living by incorporating several aspects of wellbeing into her life.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how the patient arrived to the group on time and was calm, cooperative, and alert. she was abstinent from all, mood altering substances for over thirty days.
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