Journal Entry 4 Books And Media

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Journal Entry 4 Books and Media – Maria Luiza Perez Chavez Books one would say is what began the world of media, if not books then at least newspapers, but one thing is stories and the telling of them has been around since the beginning of time. We spend our lives telling stories; we can say that there is not a day we do not tell a story of some kind. The things we talk about have been around for centuries entertaining people and spreading around as myths and legends that some still listen to and preach today. But books in their natural paper or hardcover, physical form are dwindling down, now eBooks are becoming more and more popular. This goes to show the way books have evolved over the years. People like me are still attracted to books in their physical form, but companies like Apple and Amazon have taken the eBook business up and more authors take advantage of releasing books that way. One thing that has helped and increased the sale of books is Movies. After being released or is about to be released the trailer for movies comes on and some go in search of said book before they w...
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