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Journal Article Summary “Breaking the Cage” In the article “Breaking the Cage” it discusses the female violence that occurs in India. Women are recommended and encouraged to maintain home and away from public areas because going out in public can involves them being beaten, raped or stalked. Instead of the government or families fixing the issue of abuse they influence the Indian women to stay home. The females are “cage” with restrictions because of other people 's violence, which limits women 's freedom. By keeping them “caged” it is easier to control the woman 's behavior, morality, beliefs and roles within their lives. Later on in the article it begins to talk about the Indians new economy and the females slowly growing more independance. Women begin to confront the issues by protesting and creating campaigns. Lastly, the author Srila Roy relates India female issues in the past that are similar to the matters that occur now. I was interested in this article because female violence and danger occurs across the world just as it does in the United States. Today in the United States,…show more content…
Ethnography is used to characterize the characteristics of a population as fully as possible. For example, within the article India was characterized as an unsafe place for women. Therefore, it kept the women out of public areas, which lead to them being easier to control, then gave women characteristics of being sexually “immodest”. Slowly the ethnography began to show a change throughout India. Such as, women becoming more independent by campaigning and protesting for their freedoms. The cross cultural research method also is an effect within this article. This research method is to reveal variations across different groups of people or comparison between them. This article compares the past women violence experience to the present day events of violence in

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