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In the article “‘Girl’ (Fiction)”, Jamica Kincaid wrote about a black girl’s life in the British Caribbean colonies. Kincaid repeats over and over ways a black girl action has to be done. Similar to the black girl, my actions had to be done a certain way. When I am at anyone’s house, I have to say, “Thank you for having me over.” When I am offered food, I have to accept the food out of respect and say, “Thank you for the food.” Especially at a Filipino household, I have to say thank you or else Filipinos will find me disrespectful and would not like me. I cannot believe what black girls went through in the British Caribbean colonies. I cannot imagine a life of chores every day or not being able to go to school. I consider it wrong for anyone to not have the same opportunity as I do in the United States. People should treat other how they want to be treated. In the end of the article Kincaid wrote, “…always squeeze bread to make sure it’s fresh; but what if the baker won’t let me feel the bread?” The baker probably would allow a white man or a white woman to squeeze the bread, but t...

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