Joshua Koncsler's Narrative Report

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239 words

On 11/25/2015, at approximately 1245 hours your affiant arrived at 149 West Washington Street to serve a felony warrant on Joshua Koncsler. Your affiant was assisted by Officer Moyer and Officer Tonkinson. Joshua Koncsler was observed walking down the stairs into the living room and approached the front door. Koncsler opened the front door and I informed him of a felony warrant for his arrest. Your affiant requested Koncsler to place his hands behind his back so hand cuffs could be placed on him. He refused to cooperate with officers. Officers tried placing Koncsler's arms behind his back to hand cuff him. While Officer Tonkinson was placing handcuffs on Koncsler he began resisting arrest by pulling his arms and body away from officers. Officer

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the affiant served a felony warrant on joshua koncsler, who refused to cooperate with officers.
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