Joseph Stalin Essay

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Vivian Nguyen Amicangelo 8Celtics 22 February 2014 JOSEPH STALIN Joseph Stalin was a man who many people had mixed feelings for. Some say he was a dictator and a tyrant, but others say that as a ruler, he shaped Russia and pushed it in the right direction. Both sides are correct, and there are many examples to back them up. Stalin did accomplish benefiting Russia‘s image, but he was a man who killed many. Stalin was born as Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (later became Joseph Stalin) on December 18, 1879 and his parents were Besarion Jughashvili (father) and Ketevan Geladze (mother). When he was young, his father, Beso, had beaten his mother and him several times. They had a troublesome marriage and often argued about Stalin’s future. His mother wanted him to be a priest because she thought he was smart, so she did everything to get him a good education. His father wanted him to be a cobbler, and said that since he [Stalin’s father] was a cobbler, Stalin would follow the family job and become a cobbler. Fortunately, Stalin‘s mother defeated her husband and she even humiliated him. Stalin ended up doing what his mother wanted-- for a while (Radzinsky 17-31). Stalin is a very interesting man who always changed how he thought of everybody (he also called himself Stalin because “stalin” means steel) (Montefiore 30 “Young Stalin“).He had a huge effect on Russia; in a bad way. When Stalin used to work with Lenin and Trotsky, it wasn’t a competition of who was the best and who should control the country of Russia, but then it all changed. After that, he got people to turn against them and got rid of t... ... middle of paper ... ...lowing him. Another reason was identity. Napoleon only represented Stalin, and that really brought out his characteristics. Since Napoleon was meant to represent Stalin, all of Stalin’s traits, most of his bad deeds, and events occurred in the book. For example, in Animal Farm, Orwell made Snowball seem smarter than Napoleon, but made Napoleon more powerful. This is true in real life because Lenin was a lot more educated than Stalin, but Stalin ended up with the power (Radinsky 97) Although Stalin had been tyrannical and crazy, he made Russia seem stronger, and is still seen as a good person today. Many people look at him like he was a murderous person, but other look at him as the man who made Russia better. He was a great leader, in a way, but that only depends on what the Russians believed in, and whether or not they (or someone they know) worked for Stalin.
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