Joseph Stalin: A Good Leader Of The Soviet Union

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Joseph Stalin was born Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili, which he later took the name Stalin, meaning “man of steel.” Stalin was an only child and had grown up poor. This lead to him being kicked out of school and becoming more and more interested in Russian politics.Joseph Stalin later became an important person in the future of the Soviet Union as the future dictator. Though Stalin did some great and possibly wonderful things during his years as dictator of the Soviet Union, he still did many more horrible things to outweigh the good that he did.The myth that Joseph Stalin had been a good leader and done more good than harm during his 24 year rule as dictator is false. Although some perceived Joseph Stalin as a good leader of the Soviet Union…show more content…
Some of the people that Stalin had ruled liked him and did not see him as a bad person or leader. “He (Stalin) was a great popular leader. No revelation about what he did will change my mind” (Walters “Untitled Document). This perception of his greatness is still shown today in Russia, a recent poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Foundation shows that 36% of Russian people still believe that Joseph Stalin did more good than harm during his rule. Stalin had appeared to many as a fatherly figure and a peaceful man. “The myths that Stalin was a benevolent leader, grand modernizer and reformer, and national savior of the peoples of the Soviet Union have proven to be just as resilient as the man himself” (Walters). This is what he had wanted, for people to look up to him and trust him as a leader. In proof of his good leadership, he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice, in both 1945 and 1948,because of his involvement in bringing World War II to a close. Though he never won from either nominationthe people that favored him still perceive him as a great man. Stalin also received Time Magazine’s Person of the Year twice, in 1939 and
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