Jose Rizal In The Philippines

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Cagadas 1 “Education is solution, not bloodshed.” (Freedom’s Myrtyr. 2003) Dr. José Rizal said on his second book El Filibusterismo in which spark the dislike of the Spanish government towards him. Rizal was a Filipino nation hero for creating a peaceful revolt against the Spaniard’s corrupted rule in the Philippines, and for raising the Filipino men’s nationalism through his books and speeches during the colonization of the Philippines by the Spanish. Rizal was born in June 19th 1861 to Francisco Rizal and Teodora Quintos who also opposed the Spanish strict rule in their country. Even as a young boy, Rizal was very intelligent and was exposed to the struggles of the Filipinos under the rule of Spanish. He wrote poems at a young age and had passion to arts, that is why his country men trusted him and looked up at him. Growing up, he decided to do something about the leader’s unfairness by writing and creating peaceful groups such as La Liga Filipina. Rizal published his first novel Noli Me Tángere (Touch me Not) in 1887 after reading the Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harrite Stowe. The story was about the two of Philippine’s biggest struggle at the time, the corruption of the friars and conceited civil authority. This book was the start of the Catholic Church and Spanish Government distaste in him. Ultimately, the Spanish government put him in trail but let him go for being such a charismatic talker. His book was soon banned in the Philippines and he flew out of the country from the civil threats. During this time, he flew to different countries and learned different languages to study and focus his reforms. His main goal was to have equal rights for the Cagadas 2 Filipinos and Spanish like in the people in Spain by advocating the f... ... middle of paper ... ... end, his wish for freedom in the Philippines was granted but not in the way in which he wanted it to be. On his last poem, he denounced the revolution and said that even though he was to die, he was glad to die for his country because it was the same thing as dying in a battle. Cagadas 4 Rizal was an important national hero for showing Filipinos the wrong doings of the Spanish rule in the Philippines legally and intellectually instead of violently before the Philippine Revolution. He showed his country men through bravery that even though he will die, he will die for his country which inspired plenty of Filipinos. “One dies only once and, if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost which will not come again… If one must die, let one die at least in his country, for his country, and in the name of his country.” (Legends, Leaders, Legacies. 2007. Page 39)
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