Jonestown Conspiracy Case Study

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1) What characteristics of a cult and/or conspiracy and/or moral panic do the case studies share? How are they different from one another? While dealing with Jonestown it could be perceived as both a cult and a conspiracy theory. The way it fits into being a conspiracy is that many do not believe what was reported and feel that the government, especially the CIA had involvement and made efforts to alter peoples minds for uses of a social experiment. Jonestown also could be considered a cult because in 1955 roughly 1000 citizens formed “The Peoples Temple” in Indiana. It was later progressed to California then finally in 1974 they made there final stop in Guyana. These members usually large in diversity would have mass gatherings and preach…show more content…
For instance a point of similarity within conspiracies is the fact that both of these cases have theories that the government had severe involvement in both situations and kept themselves secretive throughout the events. An example involving moral panic is relatively simple. The fear of death and safety struck big in causing a mainstream moral panic. In Jonestown roughly 900 people appeared to have committed suicide from poisoning and with 9/11 al-Qaeda successfully launched an attack on some of the most important structures within the United States killing…show more content…
How do they differ?) Each case study has its similarities and differences but they are all unique in their own way. For instance they involve the government and powerful individuals or organizations. The Jonestown case said that the FBI was secretively involved, 9/11 conspiracy stated that the Government knew of the possible attacks and did not try to stop it and also may have been behind the entire operation. Obama and beyond said that the president of the United States of America was in fact not actually born in the country and finally the Satanic Panic had participation from the illuminati which consisted of various powerful political leaders as well as popular musicians who allegedly had satanic messages in their songs. In all of these cases the government was involved in organization and also

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