Jonathan Swift And Oliver Goldsmith Compare And Contrast Essay

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Although Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith have two distinct writing styles, their passion for literature, their desire for a better world, and the underlying topic of their work are all strikingly similar. The lives of these two famous authors also resemble each other’s, starting in poverty, living through life’s hardships, and ending in success. Swift and Goldsmith were two of the most famous authors of the 18th century. I believe if Swift and Goldsmith had met, they would have made great friends. For the reason that, along with their passions, their lives were bursting with challenges. Both were born in poverty and underwent numerous challenges, including the death of loved ones and the loss of purpose in life. In addition, Jonathan Swift…show more content…
They criticized the social injustices that was going on during the 18th century in Ireland by doing what they loved the most, writing. Swift and Goldsmith wrote their stories as a mockery to the arrogance, hypocrisy, and falsehood of the upper classes. Through their bold and amusing tales, we are entertained with the obvious message of injustice and corruption decorated in a satire. Through their love of literature, Swift and Goldsmith, tried to better their society by displaying their discontent through countless satires. For both Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith, their love of literature began at a young age; however, their poverty-stricken lives prevented them from pursuing their dreams. Nevertheless, these dreams manifested into reality, and soon Swift and Goldsmith took jobs writing for the Tory. Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith had similar ideas, and because of this, took on similar writing jobs. Their love of literature persuaded each to join a Literary Club. Throughout the years, these two poets underwent great trials; however, their passion for literature never…show more content…
It was their greatest weapon against injustice, and this fact remains true today. A person’s tongue is sharper than any double-edged sword. It can start a war, just as easily as it can prevent one. With Jonathan Swift’s and Oliver Goldsmith’s similar ideas, they tried to portray the injustice and corruption of the upper classes through satire poetry. Their desire in life was to ease their own poverty and to instruct and please the reading public through their literary masterpieces. Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith had a similar vision for the future: a world without poverty, where justice was prevalent, and the masses were educated. This ideal world cannot be accomplished through government alone; the moral of the people has to change as well. Swift and Goldsmith both recognized this problem, therefore they wrote to the people, not the upper classmen that they distrusted. Both Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith skillfully portrayed their distrust for the wealthy members of Parliament and the upper class, while displaying their desires for a better world, in their writings. Despite their shared hardships, both Swift and Goldsmith never lost their hope for a brighter

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