Jonathan Swift : An Author And Satirist Born

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Jonathan Swift was an author and satirist born in Dublin, Ireland on November 30, 1667. His father was an attorney, whose name was also Jonathan Swift. However, after about two month before his son was born, he passed away. His mother struggled taking care of Jonathan because she did not have a steady outcome. In a very tough decision, she decided to give Swift to her husband 's brother, Godwin Swift. Godwin was a member of a group of attorneys and judges. He enrolled his nephew in Kilkenny Grammar School. This school was one of the best in Ireland at the time. He attended there from 1674 - 1682 (10, n. pag.). When Swift was fourteen years old, he studied at Trinity College. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1686. He was on to get his master 's, but the Glorious Revolution of 1688 stopped him. During the Glorious Revolution, the kings of Ireland, Scotland, and England were overthrown. Swift moved to a safe place in England with his mother. She found a job as a secretary for Sir William Temple, who was an English statesman. Swift worked in Surrey 's Moor Park as an assistant to Temple for ten years (10, n. pag.). Swift later met Esther Johnson, the eight year old daughter of Temple 's housekeeper. Even though their age gap was fifteen years, they fell in love. He was her tutor and mentor when she was little. He give her the nickname "Stella." When she was older, they had a close relationship and it was rumored that they were married in 1716, However, she died in 1728 (10, n. pag.). In 1695, he traveled back to Ireland and wanted to become an ordained Anglican priest. However, later he found out that the position was filled. He continued in the process of becoming a priest and found another church about t... ... middle of paper ... ... job in the government. He says it is random (8, n. pag.). In the Lilliputian government, there are two parties. They are the High Heels and the Low Heels. The High Heels are the Tories and the Low Heels are the Whigs (8, n. pag.). In Lilliput, there are two groups. They are the Big-Endians and the Littles-Endians. The Big-Endians are the Catholics and the Little-Endians are the Protestants. It started with the Emperor 's grandfather cutting himself while cracking an egg on the big side. He made a law stating that people can only crack an egg on the little side. This caused the country to divided and started rebellions. Many people fled to Blefuscu ( 9, n. pag.). After he made fun of England, he wanted to help them out. "In the last chapters, he puts the satire aside and starts to focus on the more important issues and resolutions to them (8, n. pag.).
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