Jonate Renate Reimann: 7 Steps To Overcome Procrastination

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Steps to Overcome Procrastination When I was in High school, I remembered I always had an excuse to avoid starting my writing assignment early, and I would end up beginning it at the last minute. Even though I was thinking about the assignment all the time, I was reluctant to put my ideas in my paper because I felt that I was not excellent at writing and what I was going to write would not be good enough for the teacher to give me a good grade. So, I felt more comfortable to do my project at the last minute because I told myself that I was doing the best considering I was running out of time. No matter what, I had to write something because if I did not submit my assignment I would get a zero, which made it easier for me to come up with …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how they were reluctant to start their writing assignment at the last minute because they felt that they weren't excellent at writing. procrastination can be overcome if you stop thinking about the grade or bad judgment from the person who will read your essay.
  • Explains that the first step to avoiding procrastination is to let it go of the idea of guilt and thought that what your writing is not good enough.
  • Recommends making a plan before starting an essay to avoid procrastination. this will help you know where you are and when you will accomplish your goal.
  • Recommends finding an adequate environment in which you feel comfortable to concentrate on your writing. many people feel inspired when they are listening to music.
  • Recommends setting a timer for writing breaks to help overcome procrastination.
  • Explains that the fifth step to get rid of procrastination is to set a penalty. if you do not respect your deadline and spend more time than you should, you must make sacrifices.
  • Explains that the sixth step is to review your essay with someone else before submitting it. if you are still hesitant, try to find someone to read it for you.
  • Recommends writing every day to get rid of procrastination, and suggests keeping a journal or diary. if you're writing an essay, try free writing.
  • Explains that a large number of students are facing the problem of procrastination when they are assigned an essay.

According to Renate Reimann in “7 Steps to Overcome Writing Procrastination” the guilts are not only a waste of energy, but they also become a procrastination ploy. You do not want to frighten yourself in thinking about the outcome of your writing. When your fear keeps growing you will most likely give up and go to something else, and you will end up finishing your essay just a few minutes before the deadline. If you do not want that, you should start writing your essay as soon as possible without worry about anything and correct yourself …show more content…

In your plan, you need to have a few break times where you will be able to relax your mind and do what you like. This method is very efficient when you have a block and do not know what to write. According to Bec Evans,” the idea is to reward your future self, even if the future is only an hour writing time away and to think of something small enough to encourage, but not too big that writing becomes all about the reward, and you’ll find your motivational sweet spot”. You can, for instance, go for a walk, watch TV or go eat something you like or anything you like to do in your free time. It is probably for everyone the most exciting step because they do not need to think about the assignments, but you should also be careful about it. If you spend too much time and you do not come back to your writing, you will mess up your plan. In that case, I suggest you to set a timer for your break

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