Jokowi And Neoclassical Realism: Significance Of Power And Foreign Policy

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1.5 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESEARCH Jokowi’s nationalist foreign policy, however, appears to run counter to Indonesia’s aspirations. Jokowi’s assertive and confrontational foreign policy is likely to strain foreign relations and provoke retaliatory measures from other countries. Compared to SBY’s decade-long presidency, Indonesia’s foreign policy under Jokowi is likely to be marked by less cooperation and more confrontation with other countries. Going forward, identifying the causes of Indonesia’s foreign policy nationalist turn will help to diffuse unintended tensions between Indonesia and its neighbours. Other countries can also formulate appropriate responses in their conduct of foreign relations with Indonesia. As the only Southeast Asian…show more content…
This paper is using neoclassical realism theory to analyse the causes of the above mentioned and as the study involves power and foreign policy theory. Neoclassical realism refers to a diverse set of contemporary realist theories that seek to explain the specific foreign policy decisions of major states, not broad patterns of international behaviour or systemic outcomes. Neoclassical realist theories are theories of foreign policy, primarily aims at explaining the foreign policies of states by referring to both international and national (domestic) variables. Relating the neoclassical realism theory to the subject being studied, it is obvious that Indonesia foreign policy during Jokowi must be studied through its internal and external variables that contribute to the choices of his foreign policy. In explaining Jokowi’s promotion of policy which will bring peace and stability in the region and to the world, it is also related to neoclassical realism which supports the idea of structural realism that over the long term, international political outcomes generally mirror the actual distribution of power among

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