Jokers Venom

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Ever since ancient times , poisons have been used for many purposes across the extent of human existence. Throughout its history , poisons/venoms were first used by ancient tribes & civilizations as a hunting tool to ensure a quick death of their prey. As the years progress , venoms were commonly used in fictional films , initially starting out in the United States. Venoms are poisonous substances that come from venomous creatures such as snakes & spiders. Most of the times, when venoms/poisons are used in movies , it is categorized as Sci - Fi. The reason being is because usually the toxins being used are fictional and whom the toxin used by , the toxin turns them (character) into a supernatural character with supernatural abilities. If this is not the case , then the toxin does what it’s suppose to do , which is to poison the victim and kills he/she.

Jokers Venom is one of the well-known venoms portrayed in Batman’s comics/films.
Since 1940, Jokers Venom has been a part of Joker’s arsenal making it’s first appearance in Batman #1. When someone is to breathe the Joker Venom or gas , it kills its victim quite rapidly ,finalizing with a sardonic, vicious smile on his/her face. On one of the episodes of an animated series of Batman , The Laughing Fish , the venom was injected into the fish along into cats to attack the target and conduct the venom. In Jeph Loeb’s and Tim Sale’s Catwoman: When In Rome , Joker’s Venoms is duplicated by The Riddler to blame Catwoman of a murder of a Sicilian Mafia. Joker Venom is presented in many different terms throughout its series, being expressed as Smilex , Laughing Gas, Joker Gas , Joker Juice, Smylex, Laugh - A - Loads , Perma - Smile & Grinning Death. Not only has Joker venom has been use...

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... this day and most of society believes that it is a fictional toxin. Although it might be possible to produce a toxin similar, it is still not proven yet. Here is an example of how Joker Venom can possibly be made , scientifically speaking ----->
Very complex formula and procedure, but may be possible. Our culture today does not really pay much attention to stuff like this. It is irrelevant and unimportant to most people but not for Batman lovers. There is such fandoms for Batman fans , known as Bat-heads , Batties and/or Batmaniacs. Though there isn’t fandoms for the Joker , being called one of those names falls into the category of the Joker because Batman & Joker are rivals , meaning that you could be called any fandoms from Batman comics/films. Coming to a conclusion , Joker Venom is very lethal toxin that can poison anyone whether it is fictional or not.
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