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However Jon really just wanted to stay in his room where he could write for the next three months. He was getting ready to recite his poem in front of many people in the coming months. Just the thought of leaving for California so soon made him nervous. His coming back in the beginning of June was way too much traveling for his nerves. Casey was extremely adamant, however and Jon was soon to go to California and partake in this event. Noranna just “sighed” and relinquished herself to the fact that her son was leaving her so soon, it was just a fact of his growing up she thought! Casey explained to Noranna in laymen’s terms, that the concept of ‘wave energy’ would extend the electrical grid into the Pacific Ocean with parallel and meridian lines. Many felt that the outcome would be devastating to marine life. Seemingly covert was how the oil companies were already slipping in; they wanted a piece of the pie too. Slicing and dicing up what was left of the sanctuaries of Northern California coast was at an all time high. Casey may have been young but his voice was valuable in marketing “renewable energy”. Renewable energy was following the path of least resistance and was one path to ensure healthy marine life and its estuaries. Energy was taking on a whole new meaning for it would reflect nature as well as profit. The constant bombardment of electricity had finally taken its toll on people. It had been known to create nerve pain and even cancer in women. The fat cells in women seemed to absorb the good the bad and the ugly. The concept of renewable energy was still a hard sell for the governing powers. Jon decided in bringing some predated seeds of conifers, dates and apples and one purple and pink bean to the meeting. He p... ... middle of paper ... ...ndful and thoughtful as they sailed by them. Some of the other sailboats on the Nile would represent the locals and their commerce as well. Rose was proud that her families barge ‘Prometheus’ was approved to sail down the Nile along with other sailing vessels. Noranna held the picture tight in her hand and near to her breast for on the back of the picture was a personal note to her. It read, June sixth, the day of ‘Venus rising!’ and don’t be a moment late. Love, your daughter Rosebud! Rose was presently painting the silver and golden scales on Prometheus and in the next two months their renovated barge would be finished and ready to sail. The name ‘Prometheus’ was used because It gave reference to a mythological creature that gave fire to the hearts and souls of humankind. Thus keeping them warm and safe while on earth, especially during the cold nights.

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