Johnnys Innocence

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I understand that I am going to attempt to keep Johnny out of jail because what he had done in my perspective was self defense. This happened in The Outsiders book. Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders. New York: Viking, 1967. Print. I feel that you may think that Johnny is guilty of homicide because he had killed Bob during the evening by the park. He had not attempted to kill him, he was using self defence, as the novel had stated in chapter 4, Johnny warns the socs that showed up that they were in a part of town that they were not supposed to be in but the socs ignored the warning and still provoked the fight. Later in chapter 4 it also informs us that the socs were starting to drown Ponyboy so Johnny had used his switchblade without really meaning to kill anyone. Johnny has informed me that he and Ponyboy Curtis were walking in the park in the evening and that a vehicle had shown up and some boys had gotten out and threatened them. These boys had pulled out a knife and threatened to use it against them. One of the boys then started to assault Johnny and another attacked Ponyboy. The one attacking Ponyboy then decided to move him to a fountain and tried to drown him. When Johnny realized what they were doing he had turned to them and pulled out a knife and flung at them without meaning to kill Bob. But keep in mind that Bob was drowning Ponyboy so this act was used in defense. I feel that Johnny is innocent because he was using self defense, but he should not have ran from the crime scene. Another thing in chapter 4 was that a little while later when Ponyboy came conscious again Johnny said, "I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. “They might have killed you. And they had a blade... they were gonna beat me up...." I found this informat...

... middle of paper ... that he was drowning Ponyboy and that Johnny had only pulled out the knife for self defense. I got this evidence from chapters 6 through 8.
After stating the evidence I had collected about this case, it only makes me feel even stronger about how I believe that Johnny is innocent. I believe you do to. Because as I had said earlier, Johnny had only pulled out the knife for self defense by the reason being his friend Ponyboy was being drowned but one of the attackers that is now deceased. One of the attackers best friends was there when Bob was killed. He says that he had witnessed Bob trying to drown Ponyboy and saw Johnny notice what Bob was doing and that Johnny had pulled out the knife to save his friend without any intentions to kill anyone. I found most of these sources were found in this website
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