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1. Write a two-page paper on Johnny Cash. Why do you think he became so popular? Johnny Cash was a popular guitarist, author, singer-songwriter in America. He was born in February 26, 1932. Johnny Cash also grew up in the family have 7 children. After his family moved to Dyes Colony in northeast Arkansas. When Johnny Cash was a little kid, him and his sibling worked in his parent’s farm to helped them out with the cotton and seasonal crop. Johnny Cash’s intelligence of music must be developed by his family background. In his family life, music played a significant role within it. Music was there entertainment every day. His mother was one of the important role in his music life. The folk songs and hymns his mom played which was the type of work songs. John learned from his mom and learned it fast. At that time, John Cash developed his sense of music. He was a genius of music, he learned how to play guitar and created his own style of song writing by himself. There was a lot of experience in his life. During Johnny Cash high school life, he involved into music performance. When Johnny Crash was serviced U.S. Air Force, he had experienced stay in Germany about four years. Even though that, he still had a lot of passion on country music. He was initiative ask to have his live show of country music. In his life, Johnny Crash recorded up to fifty albums. He played an important role toward country music in United State. Some of his famous songs was very popular, such as “Ring of Fire”, “I walk the Line”, “One Piece at Time”, “A boy Named Sue”. During 20th Century, his music influenced the popular music in America. His album was earned the best-selling very often. In his life, he earned a lot of prizes and Grammy Awards, like he e... ... middle of paper ... ...River.” In 1991, Brooks had become a genius pop musician. Meanwhile his Christmas album in 1992, He won several platinum records at that season. He had been great successful in his music career path. Garth Brooks was more and more successful. He releases a song called “We Shall Be Free, “which was the first song his fourth album. This song contained a great gospel element, but this song only listed on No. 12, and many radio stations refuse to play this song since its gospel element. Later on, his album of “The Chase” had been changed country music. This album had been in the No.1 till the end of year since he released it in October 1992. Garth Brooks, he plays a very important role in the history of country music, his record reached the highest record of American country music. In the 1990s, Garth Brooks also introduced country music to more and more new audiences.

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