Johnny Carson

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“My success just evolved from working hard at the business at hand each day.” claimed Johnny Carson. By doing just that, he managed to get more out of life than many others would while living their day to day lives’. For one he served in World War II and he hosted “The Tonight Show” for thirty years. Johnny Carson deserves an honorary knight award, for he is talented, brave, well respected, and he has achieved greatness.
When it comes to talent, the king of late-night television, aka Johnny Carson, has more than a little. For he decoded encrypted messages, hosted quiz shows, and always kept the audience guessing. Johnny Carson joined the US Navy in 1943. There he was a communications officer who had to decode encrypted messages. (Biography) Not everyone knows how to, or can decode messages. This show one of Carson’s many talents. He got more chances to show off his talents later on in life. For instance, after stepping in for “The Red Skelton Show”, CBS decides to give Carson a show of his own. He became the master of ceremonies for the quiz show, “Earn Your Vacation”. Then in September of 1957, he hosted “Who DO You Trust?” (Pop Culture) Quiz shows are all about talent, for the people trying to win, to the show production, to the host. Not everyone can get up and host a game show like Johnny Carson can. He also had some clever talents. Viewers never knew what Carson had in store for them. For all they knew, he would light McMahon’s (his co-host) script on fire which he did on occasion. He may even have an interview with a famous celebrity. Johnny Carson always had the audience guessing, not everyone can do that. He kept them lively and always wanting more. Everyone has talents, but you need bravery to show them off.
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...ievement all put into one single person. From starting his entertaining career at a young age, to joining the US Navy, to hosting “The Tonight Show”. Johnny Carson is the best of the best. All of these reasons and more show why Carson deserves an honorary knight award, for Southeast students, and Johnny Carson, possess great talent, a strong sense of bravery, respect by many people, and extraordinary achievement.

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