John Wayne Gacy Essay

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John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942 to John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine. Gacy's father was an abusive, alcoholic and would target his only son by beating him with a razor strap. Gacy's father beat him on such a regular basis that the abuse desensitized him to hide the signs of pain. Gacy failed as a young boy to gain the respect of his father. Gacy's father thought of his only son as a failure and disappointment. His father wanted him to be more manly, he wanted his son to play sports; but a congenital heart condition prevented him from participating. Gacy's father didn't sympathize with his heart condition. Gacy enjoyed more feminine activities, such as cooking with his sisters and planting garden beds with his mother. His father…show more content…
His first victim was 15 year old Donald Voorhees; Gacy worked with Donald's father, Senator Voorhees, at the Jaycee. Gacy got Donald Voorhees drunk so he could molest him and use manipulation and scare tactics to keep him quiet. Donald later revealed to authorities and his parents that Gacy raped and threatened him. Gacy was convicted and charged with sodomy and only served 16 months out of his 10 year sentence. He was released early for good behavior. John Wayne Gacy's first murder victim was 16 year old, Tim McCoy. He picked up Tim Mccoy from a Greyhound bus station and offered to take him sightseeing around Chicago. Gacy then lured Tim McCoy back to his house to have consensual sex. The night of consensual sex escalated to the stabbing and killing of Tim McCoy.. He buried Tim McCoy's body in the crawl space under his own personal house. Gacy's second murder was John Butkovitch. Gacy sexually tortured Butkovitch then killed him by using a rope as a tourniquet . John Wayne Gacy would abducted teenage boys and lure employees back to his house, where he would sexually torture and kill them. In 1977 Gacy was responsible for the deaths of 19 innocent young men and boys all whom were buried in the crawl space of his house. In total, Gacy killed 33 young men and teenage…show more content…
Gacy became a suspect when Robert Piest's mother informed authorities that her son was last seen at a pharmacy with Gacy. The Des Plaines Police Department was able to obtain a search warrant because of Gacy's previous sodomy conviction, and when they searched the house. They collected driver's license, jewelry and college rings of missing boys. The detectives also noticed a strong, pungent odor coming from the vents of the house. Forensic evidence, traced one of the college rings back to the missing teenager, John Slye. A second search warrant allowed the Des Plaine Police Department to do a more meticulous search of the crawl space under his house, and that is when they found the corpses of 27 innocent teenage boys. Gacy was a sociable, charming and hard working man. The Des Plaines Police Department did not have knowledge of Gacy's crimes. On May 10, 1994, 15 years after being arrested John Wayne Gacy died of lethal injection at Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois. Without the Illinois death sentences Gacy would have served 12 death sentences and 21 natural life
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