John Taylor Gatto 's Article ' Against School

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Most high school students can 't wait for their school year to be over because they feel exhausted by the seven long periods of classes and not to mention boredom. John Taylor Gatto, a former New York State Teacher of the Year wrote an article called "Against School." Gatto criticizes the school system for their inability to meet the students’ expectations and for putting limits on their ability to learn. The children feel neglected, and the teachers feel helpless because they have to work with students who are not interested in the materials they are given. Gatto mentions how US high schools have become affected by adapting to the Prussian education system. According to Gatto, the purpose of high school is to manipulate the student 's mind to create a harmless, and manageable society to benefit the government (36). That shouldn 't be the purpose of schools, but I believe that the author presents true facts of why the government would want that. Therefore, education should serve to help all students open their minds to the unknown, to strengthen their abilities, to help them make good decisions for their future lives, and to encourage the students’ minds and hearts to learn new things. Gatto’s advice for a better system of education is to not have a rigid school system, but to provide help to students who are in low-level classes, and update the teachers’ teaching strategies, so the government won’t take advantage of the students who do poorly in schools. In fact, the author remarks about James Bryant Conant 's influence inside the school system (Gatto 36). Conant is responsible for having most of the Prussian education system in most of US high schools like the nine months of school years, and the attendance of thousands of stud... ... middle of paper ... ...nts to learn, and not let the government take advantage of the students who do poorly in schools. I agree with all of what Gatto mentions in his article, but I believe that we do need high school for the children that can’t be educated otherwise. It 's undeniable that the school system needs major changes for the sake of the students. New activities inside and outside the classroom, and helping learn in different class settings will motivate students to become involved in learning. Parents and teachers play a major role in a child 's life and future. Therefore, the purpose of the school should be to prepare an individual to become his or her best, and to become a risk taker. People should work together to make a positive change in the school system. The school system should not only serve intellectually to the students but also to build good morals in the students.
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