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Loneliness can be a terrible feeling sometimes. At one point or another most people have experienced loneliness in their lives. In the novella written by John Steinbeck “Of Mice and Men,” loneliness is a major part of the story. There are many times in this story where the the author hints at loneliness. Even their location hints at loneliness, “A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green.”(1). Soledad is a spanish word for “solitude” which can be defined as the state or situation of being alone. There are also several characters in this story that show signs of loneliness. In this essay, three different characters from the book that expresses signs of loneliness will be introduced. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how loneliness in john steinbeck's "of mice and men" is a major part of the story.
  • Explains that crooks, an african-american who was kicked by a horse when he was kid, was one of the first characters to show signs of loneliness.
  • Analyzes how crooks was a stable buck who worked on the ranch where most of the story took place.
  • Analyzes how curley's wife is the only woman on the ranch, and her husband doesn't allow her to speak with any of the other men.
  • Analyzes how curley starts talking to lennie about how she feelschristensen 3and says things like "i get lonely." candy is the oldest person working on the ranch who mostly kept to himself.
  • Concludes that steinbeck's novella "of mice and men" portrays the lonely ranch life of the 1930s. crooks feels sick because he is lonely, curley’s wife dies because she has no one to talk to.

Candy is the oldest person working on the ranch who mostly kept to himself. He had an old dog that had no teeth and smelled really bad, but Candy was really close to the because he had it since it was just a puppy. Since the dog was basically useless and smelled bad the other ranch hands finally convinced him to let them put his dog down. Once the dog was put down Candy was left with no one and becomes lonely. Once he hears about George and Lennie’s dream he offers all of his life's saving to be part of it. The reason he is so willing to do anything to be part of this dream is so that he doesn’t have to be alone anymore and he could actually be part of something. In conclusion, Steinbeck’s novella “Of Mice and Men,” portrays several examples of what the lonely ranch life of the 1930’s was like. He also has several characters in this story that are driven to try to find friendship to cure their loneliness. In the end, Crooks says he feels sick because of how lonely he is. Curley’s wife dies because she has no one to talk to and ends up getting killed by Lennie, who was the only one willing to talk to her. In addition to all of that, Candy’s shared dream with Lennie and George is now over, meaning that he will probably end up dying as a lonely old

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