John Proctor, a Character in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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John Proctor is a quiet man who has a secret that will turn into his downfall. Even though he has a family and owns a farm on the outskirts of town, he fails to keep his morals straight and eventually falls victim to his own lust. Because of the lust between John and Abigail, she starts a witch-hunt so hopefully she can have John all to herself, and get herself out of trouble. The hunt causes John to forget his pride and sacrifice himself for his family and his friends. By doing so he shows the whole village of Salem what it means to be a Puritan. In the play “The Crucible,” a victim of contradictory emotions, who fights for what is right and becomes a hero for the village of Salem, is a farmer, John Proctor. In the historically accurate manner, John was around sixty years old when the Salem witch-hunt began. He was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1632, and was birthed to an established family of farmers, that would later become his occupation in Salem. His father left him a large estate in Ipswich, but in 1666 he moved to Salem and leased the most land, seven hundred acres or more directly south east of the village line. John is an honest and strong man, and he fights to keep his morals straight and the lie of witchcraft and overall is a pillar of strength. When John is introduced in the play he has arrived into Salem to figure out what is going on. “What mischief here”(pg. 893) he asked Abigail Williams, but the only thing she told him was witchcraft and even then John got a hint that something was suspicious about what was happening with the girls in the town. When John and Abigail are alone before he is about to leave town, a discovery is made that he lusted with Abigail and that she still has feelings for John. In act two ... ... middle of paper ... ...rotected his family, protected his name, and fought against the lie of witches in the town of Salem. John Proctor has the true spirit of a Puritan. In conclusion John Proctor is a man who fought for what he believed in and fought for others. If you look back on John’s role in the story, you see his many emotions.. He goes through feelings of anger, hate, love, justice, and guiltiness because he lusted against his wife. Throughout the book John tries to win back over his wife's favor as well as trying to regain his pride. He did so by sticking up for everyone and fighting the lie of witchcraft. The character of John shows us that you should stand up for what you believe in even though others don’t agree. He also shows us how we should live our life, and if we do something wrong apologize for what we did and make up for it. John did so by paying the ultimate price.
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