John Milton: Paradise Lost

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In John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Satan seeks revenge against God and causes the fall of man. He deceives Adam and Eve and gets them to disobey God. God ends up seeming cruel because of the way He punishes Adam and Eve but, He’s not. God could have killed them for disobeying him, instead He’s giving them a second chance with life, its just going to be a harder life. God is just doing what He has to by sending them out of the Garden. He is the high and almighty God, He made Adam and Eve, He made the world, He can do whatever He wants and if you disobey him you will get punished. It’s the same thing with Satan, Satan rebelled, and God had to do what he had to do and that was to send him out of heaven to hell.

Satan, Adam, and Eve all lose the best things they had in there lives because they just couldn’t listen and follow what God wanted them to do. Satan rebelled against God when He chose His son, Jesus, to be the ruler of the world. Satan couldn't except this, he was the most beautiful and the most powerful next to God. He got other angels to rebel with him in hope of taking over heaven. Satan failed and along with other angels they were sent to hell. When God creates Adam and Eve, He puts them in The Garden of Eden, also known as Paradise. Paradise was a perfect and sinless place to live. However, God did make The Tree Of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which could change all of that. He had one rule for Adam and Eve and that was for them to never eat from that tree. Satan sees this as a perfect opportunity to get his revenge towards God.

The way God punished Satan seems like the most evident thing to do, but the way He punished Adam and Eve for eating from the tree can be questioned and seen as harsh and unfair, but it shouldn’t b...

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...ough they have fallen and now have to leave Paradise, that they can still have a great life. He tells Adam because of they tree they ate from he has all the knowledge he needs to make it in the world outside of Paradise. Michael says he does not need anything else. He also says to live a happy life they should live with faith, virtue, patience, temperance, love, charity, and obedience. Adam and Eve can still have a Paradise, it wont be a physical one but it can be one inside of them. God is powerful he can make their lives very peaceful and filled with happiness. With His help there state of mind can be just like the one they had in Paradise, and they would be happy. With the good comes the bad Adam and Eve will have to overcome further temptations to do wrong, and commit more sins.

God does not punish to hurt, He punishes to teach. Adam and did learn.
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