John Maynard Keynes

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Part B of this essay I will be defending John Meyer Keynes and his view that government should have a role in an economy. Before then I will give you a brief biography on John Maynard Keynes John Maynard Keynes was born in Cambridge 1883. He wrote the book the economic consequences of the peace which was published in 1919. He thinks that the government should be involved in the market place this is also called the Keynesian theory. John Maynard Keynes believed that by using a fiscal or monetary policy. Fiscal is when are government uses taxes to have an impact on our society. Monetary is when the government controls the supply of money and directs it to support economic growth and stability. Sole proprietors is an owner or an entrepreneur who takes risks in a market place such as H&H Hunter hardware store in middle field ,Ohio who was in business for more than ten years that had to compete with Walmart and eventually ran out of business because Walmart sells lower prices. Ma and Pa cooperation’s like Hunter and Hardware could not sell any lower than Walmart so they ran out of business. Hunter and Hardware store was devalued because of inflation. Any time a Walmart comes into town they knock the values down and many stores can not compete. Walmart drives down retail wages 3 billion dollars every year. Employee states that Walmart is purposely short staffed and they also keep the number of associates from being full time as much as they can and keep them part time as much as they can to keep reducing those expenses. The company do not allow the store to get enough pay role dollars to get the job done. They do not care about anything but the bottom line profit for that store. The money that employees did get went back into Walmar... ... middle of paper ... ... outside, where it can be wash away into the river because of rain. This may eventually run into the Catawba River. Donna calls corporate Walmart about how this may be hazardous to the environment and if they could do something about it and they still do nothing so Donna blogs all of their responses and takes it to the 1999 Walmart construction was halted in the state of Pennsylvania due to environmental violations in 2001 EPA orders Walmart to pay 1.0 million fine for clean water violations in Texas, Oklahoma and Massachusetts and an additional fine in 2004 from the EPA of 3.1 million for clean water act violations. Walmart claims they have a great relation with Chinese government and hold them to a higher standard of sanitation and of employment. Princess is a Walmart factory employee in china, who decided to work to make her families living much easier.

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