John Marks's Incivility In America

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The Effect of Incivility in America The article “Incivility in America” was written by John Marks and published by U.S. News and World Report. This article revolves around the incivility in America today and around the main things that promote incivility. Incivility is referring to someone’s behavior and “Incivility in America” begins with stating that a man named Michael Walcott has gone to Loveless Elementary School to tell kids that they should act in a civil manner and respect their elders. Walcott sings to the sixth graders to show them that respect needs to be put into place and used in this world where stereotypes, foul language, and hatred are accepted. Marks brings up a valid point when he states that a majority of Americans acknowledge…show more content…
The argument that Marks proposes is consensual; Marks points out a huge problem in America and states his opinion with facts and examples, but at the same time he states something that might fix the problem. His tone and voice in this article is very academic and scholarly. He is informing the audience about a problem and addressing his main points. Marks uses a couple of logical fallacies such as: personal attack and after this equals because of this. Marks lightly uses personal attack when he talks about children being rude to their elders and when he talks about lawyers and the government being two big promoters of incivility. With the other logical fallacy, Marks summarizes that the incivility could be caused because of society developing over time. He blames music, talk shows, and the way children were brought up on the increase in incivility in America. When it comes to his points and what he is trying to inform the audience about I must say that I agree. Incivility in America is a big problem that needs to be addressed, and, in my opinion, is brought on by all of the things that surround people. Marks uses law, pop culture, and the government to help aid his argument. These three categories I agree with when it comes to the big influences on incivility in America. People are very prone to adapting to the newest type of trend out there. To some people, being civil and having
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