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The sky lit up above me, so bright. Not the kind of bright that you’d usually expect, there wasn’t a sun shining, glowing, oh no. The sky was dark but was brightened every so often by the shock of lightning. This place I was in. It was unusual. It seemed so familiar but so unfamiliar simultaneously. The wind blew cold and harsh, and fiercely pierced through my skin. I swiftly made my way through the snow that was now reaching an ultimate high of around 2ft, piling up on the ground beneath my feet. I looked behind me the wind howled and picked up speed. I could see how far I had trekked, my footsteps, slowly fading in to the distant black sky. I found it very extraordinary that I felt like I had been here before. I hadn’t, I was absolutely sure. I brushed the thought aside and carried on advancing, although I felt a slight foreboding hovering in the air. I saw a building, decrepit, derelict, forgotten. But still an old memory burned in my mind, a memory that couldn’t be pinpointed or placed. I picked up speed as I tried to recollect the pieces in my mind, it felt like a jigsaw, broken and muddled. I averted my eyes towards a sign that stood outside the building. Vela Mental Institution Something sparked inside my brain, I could feel a chill in my bones. I entered the building, and looked back through the door. The snow flakes melted as they met the intense heat from inside. The flutter came to an abrupt end. As broken down and abandoned this building may have seemed, inside it was bursting with people, many of them were children and young adults. It seemed strange but still, the feeling that I had been here before remained in my bones. Approaching a small desk at the back of the room, I spoke to the woman behind the glass ne... ... middle of paper ... ...ilthy mental illnesses for you so we could live the happy life that I promised you we would live, together. I fear for my life, I have written to you many a time, that I am frightened here, very scared. Something is not right. Why does nobody get visitors? Why are you not here with me? Why are you not writing back? I told you in my previous letters that I know these doctors want something from me, I overheard them talking about taking my organs after my death. But I am not dying. Please help me. I am not safe here. I love you forever, always John I knew I had to avenge this. I knew what they had done, they separated my from my love through a barrier of life and death. Presumably to save someone else. But why, why me? And what were they doing to all the other patients here. I was determined find out. I was. And knew they would pay the price for coming between us.

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