John Locke Theory In Frankenstein

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A child goes through many experiences in their moments of adolescence. It is stereotyped that everyone grows to become their own individual. But most children become a product of the environment that they were raised in and the events that took place in that individual 's childhood, leaving them to still be a unique individual but never truly their own person. John locke’s theory about a human changing due to events that occur in life are shown in Mary Shelley’s frankenstein, The Huffington Post, The Global Post, and Livestrong. Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein proves John Locke’s theory through many instances where the creature tries to come in contact with humanity. The creature created by Victor Frankenstein, especially in the event…show more content…
His personality and self grew into knowing that he was ugly and hated by humans making him a hateful individual due to a life event. He went from being a caring individual towards more hateful and cautious around man because of this event, it crafted his adolescent mind to know to be fearful and to avoid normal human individuals and later another life event would change him even further into being a completely hateful monster of a person. Later in the story after having yet another bad encounter with humans, he goes and finds a child hoping to be able to sway the naive child into liking him and being his companion believing if young enough the child would ignore the looks of himself and trust only the loving caring nature of the being. The creature finds a child and captures him but the child does not look past physical features and then screams,…show more content…
The article was titled 5 Life-Changing Events That Can Shake Us To Our Core. This article not only proves Locke’s theory, but also gives five relevant examples that happen to most people in their lifetime. The article goes on to state “If a spouse dies, your life is irrevocably changed…”(Grufferman). A loved one dying changes anyone, not just the young. It truly does rock our emotions and change a person forever, if a child were to put so much love and trust into a family member who happened to pass that child would be undeniably devastated and suffer from trust issues for the rest of his/her life having put all trust into someone they lost and can never have back. An event as tragic as death can even do the same thing and effect a full grown adult in the same way. In another article a writer goes on to state the effects of traumatic events in a child 's life to further prove Locke’s theory. The writer goes on to state how traumatic events can not only change behavior of a child but fully effect the brain to the point of learning difficulty “Trauma can take a toll on a young child 's developing brain…”(Morin). A child can not only grow to be a different person, but can all together shift entirely from an honor roll student to a student needing assisted learning, if that doesn 't in itself proves Locke’s theory than nothing will. The argument can be made to also present the idea that a

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