John Locke Research Paper

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201 words

It gives me great pleasure to be able to stand here today and award John Locke with the Lifetime Achievement Award! John is an English empiricist philosopher. He believes that all knowledge is resultant from physical experience. Locke also gave his opinion to some of the European Enlightenment movement's foremost concepts. John composed works about the association between society and their government. Afore, John created his utmost significant works, England beheld a meaningful but serene transmission of rule in the Glorious Revolution. Parliament forced King James II to step down from the throne. The Glorious Revolution inclined John to have an positive outlook of human individuals. To him, the social bond is a accommodating choice by individuals

In this essay, the author

  • Introduces john locke, an english empiricist philosopher who believes that all knowledge is resultant from physical experience.
  • Explains that the glorious revolution inclined john to have a positive outlook of human individuals. the social bond is an accommodating choice by individuals to hand over authority to their government.
  • Concludes that john locke's two treatises of government and declaration of independence were incorporated into the declaration.
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