John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Over the course of thousands of years man has become civilized. We have tried to make things better with new inventions and ideas. With these new ideas and new ways of living there have been problems associated with them. Man invented the wheel, which really improved the way he lived. But then he discovered that something as insignificant as a little hole in the ground could be his enemy when he was using the wheel. Man discovered fire and learned the good and bad that can come from it. Then later on in evolution man decided there should be a way of ranking people, like the wolves.
To jump ahead a little bit in time, man invented democracy. We got this from the ancient Greeks and decided it would be the best way to run this country (America), and the most efficient. There would be senators, congressmen, a supreme court and a president, as well as lots of people behind the scenes to help this democracy work. But just like the wheel, this democracy had problems. People didn’t always agree with how decisions were made, or how things should be run. Most people settled these differences by voting for someone else, or trying to get others to vote for someone else with them. Sometimes they would hold protests. And in the heat of the moment people would say things that appealed to the crowd, and the crowd went along with it whether they agreed with it or not. Ever since there was the first president, people have been out to get him. That job has been a high risk one and will be for years to come. Several presidents have been assassinated, including John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
John F. Kennedy was born in 1917. He was the youngest man ever elected to the office of president and the youngest man to ever die in office. He was of Irish decent and also was in the United States Navy. Some called him a “war hero” but some would argue with that, due to his reported “hot-dogging” in the Navy, which did a high amount of destruction to piers and PT boats. Most people would have been kicked out of the military or at the very least court marshaled with those sorts of actions, but due to his father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy’s position and wealth, those actions were overlooked.
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