John Fallows's How America Can Rise Again

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How America Can Rise Again In How America Can Rise Again, John Fallows addresses the current state of the United States of America as he tries to establish whether the nation is truly crumbling as many critics and experts claim. Fallows’ analysis of the situation is aided by the fact that he spent some time in Asia, particularly China and India, and is therefore able to compare the situation in the United States with that in two of the world’s fastest rising industrial powers. His analysis is also constructed around the views and opinions of some experts who he addressed with the of America’s apparent collapse. While speaking with historians, soldiers, politicians and experts in various fields, Fallows sought to establish whether the fears of America’s demise were justified or simply a repetition of the regular alarmist claims of discontent parties in the nation. While Fallows’ arguments regarding America’s current state are largely infallible, his conclusions are skewed by the fact that he only compares the United States to China, and not other significant powers such as the European Union. How America Can Rise Again Fallows starts his article by explaining the context of his analysis to the reader and by providing some background information. He explains that there have been fears throughout America that the nation the claim of world leader at an alarming rate. This issue has been exacerbated by the recent economic crisis that resulted in thousands of home foreclosures, downsizing in various large industries, and the complete shutdown of some of America’s largest companies. The combination of his own childhood memories and the experiences that he had in China and India provide the backdrop for Fallows analysis as he co... ... middle of paper ... ...n in the values that each group stands for. These issues are taking their toll on the nation and exacerbating its weak economic state (Rapooza, 2011). Additionally, the situation may be contributing to the increasingly alarmist sentiments of many Americans. Conclusion Fallows article was compelling and insightful as he presented the issues regarding America’s apparently impending collapse. His ability to compare the United States to China introduced a unique perspective to the analysis as he showed that the nation might be falling behind its Asian counterpart. However, an analysis of the US with the European Union reveals that America is still not as badly off. If the right changes are made within the governance system and perhaps the constitution, the United States will successfully stave off their assumed decline and reinstate its position as a global hegemony.

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