John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address

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In his inaugural address, John F. Kennedy delivers a speech worthy of his American heritage, in which he effectively utilizes an inspirational tone to establish his objectives and to influence the Soviet Union, New nation states, and his American citizens with hopes to prevent nuclear annihilation.
John F. Kennedy warns the new nation states that “those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger end[ed] up inside,” attempting to alert and strike fear into those who choose communism, will soon regret the decision. The metaphor insinuates that those who align with the USSR to gain power will eventually realize that in the end they will be abused and taken advantage of. The metaphor also creates an analogy where the third world countries can be related as the rider on a ferocious tiger’s back, which represents the communist regime, soon to be devoured, frightening the audience and causing them to think twice about their life changing decision. Kennedy captures the attention of the new nations by pledging that the United States will set forth, “[our] best efforts to help...

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