John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln

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John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America. He served as President when the country was under war. Abe Lincoln was born in 1806 and grew up in the countryside as a pioneer. His mother died at a young age and he had a sister. His father married a widow that had three children and Abe Lincoln liked her very much. Every day he attended school and worked very hard on his father's farm. John F. Kennedy was born in 1917 and died in 1963. John grew up in Massachusetts in a very wealthy and politically powerful family. His father was ambassador for Great Britain and his mother was the daughter to John F. Fitzgerald, who was a congressman and major of Boston. John Kennedy was a Harvard Graduate. He was the one in the family expected to accomplish great things. JFK has 3 children, John Jr., Caroline and Patrick. John Jr. died in a plane crash, while on his way to his brother Robert's daughter Cory's wedding. Patrick died when he was 6 weeks old while JFK was in office. Caroline is the only persona live in this family. JFK's brother Robert ran for President after him but was assassinated in 1968. He was the Attorney General before this. His other brother, Ted is now the U.S. Senator for Massachusetts and also his older brother Joe was killed in World War II, flying a plane. JFK was enlisted in the Navy during World War II and was awarded for being brave. AFter the war, he got a seat in Congress in a Boston district. When he was Senator, he won a Pulitzer Prize for his book Profiles in Courage. Kennedy was elected in 1960. While he was in office, he suffered back pain from injuries from the war. Kennedy was then assassinated in 1963. One of Lincoln's first opponents was Douglas, they were running for U.S. Senate. Douglas was a two-term Senator with a great background and Lincoln was self-educated and only had one term in Congress. The odds were stacked against Lincoln's "vast moral evil" of slavery, he started to make more Republicans like him, and they thought he would be great for the Presidency in 1860. Besides Lincoln who was running was J.C. Breckinridge (Southern Democrat). John Bell (Constitutional Union) and Stephen Douglas (Northern Democrat). Lincoln won the Presidency with 180 electoral votes and 1,865,593 popular votes. Lincoln was part of the republican party. At first, that part... ... middle of paper ... ...ion's stand start to arise. Looking over the evidence the Warren Report is based upon leads to that, the Commission took great liberties in smoothing over contradictions in the information and failed to follow up on evidence suggesting that Oswald had confederates. As evidence came in, the Commission went with what it believe. OPINION I can only imagine how America felt in November 1963. John F. Kennedy created this era of optimism and hope. After he died his dreams he had set for our country went along with him. America was left with sorrow and despair. No one alive then had ever imagined that would happen, not to them, not to their country. I also feel that the CIA killed JFK , just from reading Earl Warren's report, and the JFK Records Act, because some evidence is still being held back from the public and no one really knows what happen from Parkland Hospital to the autopsy room at Bethesda Naval Hospital.Was Kennedy's nody played with? I believe so. Plus i also think that there was more than one shot fired at Kennedy after watching Abraham Zapruder flim because its almost impossible that one bullet went through Kennedy and still wounded John Connally in a few places.
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