John F. Kennedy: The man who chanaged the world

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy the Man Who Changed the World
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a man of integrity and honor. He went through many bone chilling trials throughout his childhood and presidency. The hardest begin with the Civil Rights Movement. His life was well lived, but on November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. His childhood, the role he had in the civil rights movement, and his assassination will give insight on what he was like as a person. (Life of John F. Kennedy, 2014)
It all began on May 29, 1917, the day President Kennedy was born. He was born an ill child having several diseases including “whooping cough, measles, and chicken pox, also on February 20, 1920 when Jack [his family referred to him as Jack] was not yet three years old, he became sick with scarlet fever” (Life of Kennedy, 2014). He was able overcome his all of his illnesses and move on with his life despite these obstacles. President Kennedy entered Harvard University, the same school that his brother Joe went to, and became interested in European politics and World Affairs after visiting his father in Europe. He also loved to learn about history and government and to keep up with current events (Life of Kennedy, 2014).
Soon after graduating Harvard both he and his brother Joe joined the military. Each of them was put to the test. John’s ship was attacked, and as the ship sank, he was able to swim to an island to wait for help. On the other hand, his brother wasn’t so lucky; his plane was shot down, and he did not survive. After his brother’s death, John talked to Joseph F. Kennedy about his future. Joseph convinced him to run for the “Congress in Massachusetts' Eleventh Congressional District, where he won in 1946” (Life ...

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...t Kennedy. African Americans were finally granted their rights and freedom in the United States (Yachus, 2014).
President Kennedy lived a short, but successful life. His childhood helped shape him into the man he became during his presidency. He was indeed a man of integrity and did the right thing during the Civil Rights movement, and even after death, he will be remembered.

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