John F. Kennedy And The Steel Companies

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In 1964, the United States was still recovering from a recession when the steel companies decided to raise the price of steel by 3.5 percent. President John F. Kennedy held a press conference to discuss the issue of steel prices. In his speech, John F. Kennedy attempts to reverse the public support for the steel companies by casting them as unpatriotic and greedy to make them look bad. Kennedy makes the steel companies look bad by revealing how greedy they were. It was a time in which there was more important things to do. The steel companies knew what they were doing but they decided to increase the prices anyway despite the problems it would impose on Americans. Kennedy states “…a few gigantic corporations have decided to increase prices in ruthless disregard of their public responsibilities.” In other words, Kennedy believes that the steel companies did not even take into consideration the effects that it would have on the public by saying that they showed no pity or compassion for their nation. The rise of the prices would increase the cost of homes, autos, and appliances. That means that it would affect American families. Although Kennedy does not say so directly, he assumes that by mentioning this Americans would feel unimportant and see his point of view on why he is trying to make the steel companies look bad. Kennedy repeatedly mentions “at a time” following it up with the more significant things that steel companies should be worried about, which makes them unpatriotic and careless about the public. (G.C) One of the most effective strategies Kennedy uses is that he mentions patriotic Americans and that they have given up their lives for their country but yet steel companies seem to not mind profiting and gaining power at... ... middle of paper ... ... of steel prices, the companies would be gaining, while the people would be making financial sacrifice. During this time America was going through a tough economic situation and for the companies to spike the prices drastically, shows that they only considered their personal benefits than the damage they will be causing to their own country. (S.K) Kennedy had the best intentions for his country and always put the average American person into consideration. As he attempts to create what is best for the country and its people, there are others that will try to obstruct his plans. With his dedication, persistence, and being an effective speaker, we believe that he was a very effective leader who was able to accomplish great achievements. Kennedy was a smart and cunning man who could have only done so much, since even the greatest of men can falter in the face of evil.

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