John F. Kennedy: A Brief Biography and Achievements

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An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963

John F. Kennedy, also known as Jack, was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts to Rose and Joseph Kennedy. Growing up, John was the second of four boys and was constantly competing with Joe Jr., his older brother, for attention. Especially when his mother would dress him and his older brother alike. John attended private school in New York but was not able to go to school everyday like other students due to his illnesses. In the 1930s, Joseph Sr. became the English Ambassador and moved all the Kennedys to England. Later Jack attended Princeton, and then Harvard. During WW2 Jacks older brother, Joe, was killed when bombs that his plane was carrying exploded. Not long after that Kathleen, John’s Sister, and her husband were killed in a plane crash. In the beginning of Jacks political career, he became a member of Massachusetts’ eleventh congressional district, which he won in 1946. Soon after he married Jacqueline Kennedy and they begin to have a family together. Sadly two little Kennedys do not make it. John later has to go into surgery for his back and leaves feeling better and with an award-winning book. In 1960 John ran for President against Richard Nixon and won. In 1963 both Jack and Jackie went on a trip to Texas and everyone loved the power duo. Sadly on November 22, 1963, Jack was supposed to give a speech, when an assassin opened fire on Kennedy. Kennedy was transported to the local hospital but soon died; he was then put to rest on his son’s birthday.

John’s main internal conflicts included his various aliments. He suffered from a serious back injury and the complications of his previously undiagnosed autoimmune disease. These two problems occurred through ou...

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...ucceed in to gaining his goal in becoming president and bettering America.

Additionally, John also face external dilemmas especially when it came to the foreign affairs with place like Cuba. President Kennedy was given Intel about what the Soviets were doing in Cuba and discovered that there were missiles. This led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Jack had to handle this situation with care or else it would lead to another breaking out of a war but this one would be much more deadlier. Jack responded to this crisis by blockading Cuba to prevent Soviets from leaving and coming in although not knowing how they would respond. In the end the both Kennedy and the Soviets decided that it would be best to come to an agreement. Were the soviets would disarm their missiles and America would not invade Cuba. Due to John’s smart thinking he was able to avoid a disastrous event.

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