John Deere: The Life And History Of John Deere

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John Deere is not only a name brand of equipment, but also he is a persons that created many different types of equipment. John Deere had built the company that many people know of which is John Deere.
John Deere was born in Rutland, Vermont, on February 7, 1804 (“John Deere” Britannica para.1). John Deere was a 17 year old blacksmith (“John Deere” Britannica para.2), and which later became a manufacturer (“John Deere timeline” para.2). After various blacksmith jobs for 12 years, he moved (“John Deere” Britannic para.2). At the age of 33, John Deere moved to Grand Detour, Illinois, where he made another blacksmith shop (“John Deere” Britannica para.2). Apart from moving to Moline, Illinois, he became the mayor and served as mayor from 1873 to 1875 (“John Deere Timeline” para. 15). John Deere died on May 17, 1886 (“John Deere” Britannica para.1) at the age of 82 (“John Deere Timeline” para. 24).
As the plows got more popular, John Deere moved his business to Moline, Illinois in 1848 (“John Deere Timeline” para. 5). John Deere’s headquarters is now located in Moline, Illinois (“Deere” para.1). After meeting Leonard Andrus, he became John Deere’s co-partner in plow- making (“John Deere Timeline” para. 4) In 1849, John Deere had built 2,136 plows with only 16 people (“John Deere Timeline” para. 6). The first Deere product was a steel plow that would go through the soil in the midwest prairie without clogging (“Deere” para.2). In 1869 Charles Deere and a guy by the name of Alcah Mansure branched off and made a company, Deere, Masur & Co, which was a distributor of Deere products (“John Deere TImeline” para. 14). John Deeres’ company had five branches off of it in 1889 (“John Deere Timeline” para. 26). John Deere combined their par...

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...s changed to allow the tractor to have a 540 and a 1000 RPM (Hain para. 8).
John Deere had made many tractors, but one of the more popular ones is the John Deere 4440 (“John Deere 4440” para. 1). The cost of the 4440, when it came out in 1982, was $44,000 (“John Deere 4440” para. 2). The engine in the 4440 is a 7.6 L, and it is a 6- cylinder and it can run on gas or diesel (“John Deere 4440” para. 4). The 4440 has a fuel tank that can hold 65 gallons of diesel fuel or gas (“John Deere 4440” para. 5). There are two types of 4440’s a 2 wheel drive and a four wheel drive tractor (“John Deere 4440” para. 8). There are two types of shifting one is power shift, and the other is quad range shifting (“John Deere 4440” para. 5). The 4440 rear end power take off shaft (PTO) RPM’s is a 540 with a 100 end similar to the 4020 (“John Deere 4440” para. 8).
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