John Coltrane Influence

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Exploring world influences on music has shaped the way people today perceive and interpret sound and music. To more deeply understand how influences came to be, pinpointing exactly who had the biggest impacts can help people everywhere feel more connected to the upcoming of many important musical genres. As many genres have shaped everyday lives of humans, one genre in particular created an amazing musical revolution, jazz. A contributor, John Coltrane, influenced a major innovation in the jazz genre and upbringing. It is thanks to him along with many others, that jazz has become one of the most influential genres that connects people from every culture.
New Orleans, the birthplace of the jazz genre started out as a city of music. Music was
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This lifestyle included drugs and music which he eventually got addicted to. Being in the drug world, he became heavily reliant on heroin and started getting hired and fired by bands and partners. Deciding to overcome the addiction and get back to music, he made his biggest musical breakthrough on his own. In 1960, he released his own album on tenor saxophone, Giant Steps, with Atlantic Records. By this time in his career, as Editors say, Coltrane had “nurtured a distinctive sound defined in part by an ability to play several notes at once amid wondrous cascades of scales, dubbed in 1958 by critic Ira Gitler as a “sheets of sound” technique.” He had his own perception of jazz and many other people began to love it. John Coltrane had a soulful sound in his music driven from passionate, fierce notes. His fast, loud style was a difficult thing to do as a jazz solo artist. People began to look up to him as a successful independent artist that could move a crowd. Students and tenor-saxophonists today still try and replicate the intense sound he produced. As Coltrane produced his music, he brought up the style of improvisation. Improvisation was one of the biggest influences he could have in the jazz genre. His success in improv changed the musicians around him and after him to engage in the practice too which created a new world of individual music and styles in
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