John Brown's Abolishment Of Slavery

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It was America mid 1850’s and slavery was a sensitive topic between the north and the south. It seemed slaves had no hope of ever changing America’s ways until a white man by the name of John Brown decided to stand up and fight for the abolishment of slavery, which has been said to be one of the major events leading up to the American Civil War. Browns actions were defended by himself claiming they were “consisting of God’s commandments” (Finkelman 2011). I will explain Brown’s deontological ethical perspective while preforming the actions for the abolishment of slavery. John Brown grew up in a highly religious family with strong beliefs of antislavery, as well as growing up in the free state of Connecticut. He was brought up very disciplined…show more content…
In 1856 the same group attacked the Kansas territory where Brown and his family resided, which much like anyone would he saw as a threat and attacked in revenge killing 5 pro-slavery activists. Not much later the activists retaliated killing Browns son (Utter 1883). Brown and a group of men planned to go to Harpers Ferry, Virginia and seize the U.S arsenal. His plan was funded by various wealthy northern abolitionists and on October 16, 1859 his plan started to come into action. After the two-day battle back and forth between Browns men and the U.S Marines, seventeen people had died and Brown was arrested and put to trial, which led to the jury decision on November 2, 1859 for him to be hanged for murder and treason. Brown was from there on known as the first white man to die for an Africans freedom. He was called an abolitionist martyr for the sake of freedom. Browns deep roots of religion are one of the most obvious reasons for his actions. Slavery was an unjust system taking away basic God given rights of life, liberty, and happiness. Being a follower of Christ means that you devote yourself to teaching and living by Gods design, so when he was taught that this action was against the God he so loved how could he stand for it? When he was brought up under religion and firm discipline of course he would see it as unjust when he was exposed to the white…show more content…
Although I do not necessarily agree with Brown’s actions of killing in retaliation when trying to end something that had been practiced in America since its creation, I do believe that when faced with such a large task that is seemingly impossible to overcome that some often take rash measures to force a result. Had Brown not taken the actions he did there might not have been another big push against the south, which sparked the civil war. Who is to say that some aspects of slavery wouldn’t have carried on into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? So by saying that I think that Brown was much more of a martyr than a terrorist, because if he had not jump started the war with the South then the corruption may have carried on much longer.
By researching and explaining John Brown’s deontological ethical perspective for the abolishment of slavery I now understand that something that at first seemed like terrorism against his own country was just a man standing up for what he believed in. He stood up for the rights of his fellow people! No one would like their rights, belongings, and families ripped from them to become owned by another human that has no proof of being superior to them and John Brown understood that. He did what he had to do as a follower of Christ and a strong willed American to find a resolution to the corrupt system of
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