John Brown and Harper's Ferry

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Imagine trying to lead a slave army to fight for the freedom of slaves.You think that would be something heroic, yet, someone got the death sentence by doing so.Although most readers of U.S history have argued that John Brown was courageous,closer examination shows that he was given the death sentence, and charged for treason ,murder,and used conspiracy to lead a slave army, but was therefore a martyr.

John brown was an abolitionist. If you were an abolitionist, you wanted to put an end to something,for instance slavery.There was no way you were gonna stop th

is man from his dream of ending slavery. John Brown became involved in these abolitionist movements in 1835.There were multiple abolitionist groups against slavery.

Harpers Ferry is not the only raid that John Brown has been involved in,but one of many. For instance, John Brown led a group in the Bleeding Kannas Crisis. He also led a Raid on Federal Armory.John Brown took part in the Pottawatomie Massacrea

also.This was on May 24th,1856. Five men who supported slavery were killed by John Brown, and his sons.John Brown, and his sons were never were caught they escaped.

John Brown believed in armed insurrection.John Brown didn’t believe things could be done peacefully.John Brown believed in violence to help solve problems.John Brown was a big believer in “action,”and John Brown felt a strong urge towards these actions.When he was a little boy,John Browns’s father taught him slavery was a sin against God. John Brown also taught his own children from the get go that slavery was wrong.John Brown needed support for theses actions through physical,emotional and finantial ways.

John Brown was an abolitionist as said before.He became so in the year ...

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... of downloads of the song being sold means it popular,right?Well Johns Brown Body song was like that.There was obvioulsy less people in the world back then but this song would have been a hit song.Thousands of papers of sheet music were sold.In this song the heroic actions of John Brown are told.The song begins talking about his body in the grave then goes on to talk about John Brown being a siolder.This song is an example of the legacy John Brown left behind and how imprtant his actions were to people. For many Northern people John Brown was rightious to try to help end the battle of slavery. Also on his death day, Brown was celabrated not only by free people but slaves.

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