John Brown Argumentative Essay

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John Brown was an abolitionist who fought for freedom of slaves in the nineteenth century leading up to the Civil War. He was remembered for his bravery and dedication while taking action through the raid at Harper’s Ferry and the Pottawatomie Massacre. John Brown was a freedom fighter, religious warrior and political zealot. Although his violent approach was seen as an act of terrorism his ultimate goal was the emancipation of slavery justified by the word of God.
A religious warrior is one who uses their beliefs to justify their actions. John Brown was a religious warrior in that nature. Because he believed that slavery was a necessary evil he took drastic measures to end slavery. In the Pottawatomie Massacre, Brown and six other men carried weapons and attacked a pro slavery territory where five men were killed. When questioned in court, Brown stated that “God is my judge," "It was absolutely necessary as a measure of self-defense, and for the defense of others.” This event changed the way southerners viewed northern abolitionists. They realized that they did not only talk but carried out their words. Pro slavery supporters began to become cautious of abolitionists and
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People claim that Brown believed in his “higher morality” to justify his crimes guided by God. However, he was an abolitionist who were the minority and did not conform with society who were overseen by white pro slavery supporters. He used violence to push for a war that would abolish slavery. This shows that Brown did not use violence without reason but, to make a statement. According to John Brown’s speech in court he went to Missouri and took slaves without using a gun and moved them through the country. He stated that “That was all I intended. I never did intend murder, or treason, or the destruction of property.” Brown was a logical individual that fought for blacks although he was
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