John Bowlby's Theory Of The Attachment Theory

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As a mother to three children under the age of 11 that have all went through severe separation anxiety, I picked the Attachment Theory. This theory was founded by John Bowlby and was proven with more empirical evidence by Mary Ainsworth. According to the article, “In 1969, Bowlby introduces the word “attachment,” which had never appeared before in his writing” (Pallini and Barcaccia, 2014). The attachment theory found that children are biologically imprinted to develop attachments to caregivers because of genetics. The attachment theory examines the long-term and short-term social relationships that people develop. Bowlby conducted a study with infants and mother’s interactions. Bowlby found that infants have built in mechanisms to make the parent want to attach to them. A few examples are; crying, cooing, smiling, and making sound. In Bowlby study he found that there were for parts to attachment. The first happens…show more content…
Spiritually needs to be emphasized more, however in higher education it’s hardly ever mentioned. According to the article, “Cultures in the US make religion a private matter” (Love, and Talbot, 2009). Keep God out of the forefront and deal with spiritual issues behind closed doors. If we don’t include spiritual development in research than were not truly going to have a good understanding of today’s population. People that have a strong spiritual development know that life has a bigger purpose. The caregivers that we attached to as an infant will not be here in this lifetime forever, the spiritual foundation needs to be set to show that life can move forward even when the world is shaken. The Bible says, “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken” (Psalm 62:6, English Standard
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